Second Hand Smoke

There is no safe level of second-hand smoke!

Non-smokers in a smoking environment are still at risk for developing heart disease, lung disease, and other respiratory infections.

Alberta specific information is listed below, you can visit the Canadian Lung Association website for general information about second-hand smoke.

How can I protect myself from second hand smoke? 

In Alberta, it is illegal to smoke in workplaces (including work vehicles) and public places-including restaurants, bars and outdoor patios. Our legislation page has more information on smoking restrictions in Alberta.  

My workplace does not enforce Alberta’s legislation on smoke free workplaces, what can I do? 

If your workplace is in violation of Alberta’s Tobacco Reduction Act you can report it to the Tobacco Enforcement Unit of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission by calling 1-800-577-2522.  

Protect yourself and your family from second hand smoke


Page Last Updated: 10/01/2017