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The Lung Association, Alberta has recruited respiratory specialist Dr. Mohit Bhutani to answer the most frequently asked questions about preventing and dealing with COVID-19 when living with lung health and breathing issues. Answers are provided in the series of videos listed below. If you have questions for our expert please email them to and we will post answers from Dr. Bhutani.

Dr. Mohit Bhutani’s achievements in the clinical, research and educational aspects of respiratory diseases have contributed to his recognition as a leading member of the respiratory community. He completed his medical degree and core internal medicine residency at the University of Saskatchewan, followed by fellowships in pulmonary and critical care medicine at the University of Western Ontario in 2004. He joined the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta as assistant professor in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine in 2005. He was promoted to associate professor of medicine in 2011 and professor in 2019.


Does an underlying lung condition put you at higher risk with COVID-19?

Influenza Immunization

Influenza Immunization: Flu, Cold & Covid-19

        Influenza Immunization and Underlying Health Conditions            


Asthma & COVID-19

Are patients with asthma at a higher risk for COVID-19

Telling the difference between asthma symptoms and COVID-19

Changes to asthma management strategy

Using your asthma medications during COVID-19

How to protect your kids with asthma from COVID-19

Impact of stress on asthma and reducing stress during COVID-19

Getting lung health advice if you can't reach your doctor                                                                                                                              
Other Lung Conditions

                   COPD & COVID-19                                        

COVID-19 precautions for lung transplant recipients and patients

Pulmonary Fibrosis & COVID-19

        Sleep Apnea & COVID-19            

How does smoking or vaping impact COVID-19?



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