Board of Directors

The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT is overseen by a policy governance board. 

The Board of directors is comprised of volunteer members from across Alberta — each with valuable skills, experience and spheres of influence. What we share is a common vision for a healthier community. 

It is the role of the Board of Directors to:

  • Provide strategic direction and oversight to the activities of The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT;
  • Raise the profile of The Lung Association and lung disease;
  • Increase available resources;
  • Advocate on lung health issues.

2020 Board of Directors for The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT​

  • Chair: Stefan Scott
  • Past Chair: Evangeline Berube
  • Treasurer: Michelle Yee
  • Secretary: Kate Hurlburt
  • Anne Marie Downey
  • Dick Shuhany
  • Dr. Mike Stickland
  • Darlene Gallant
  • Kerrie Johnston
  • Amanda Vella
  • Dr. Moira Walker

Join The Lung Association

If you are interested in serving on the Provincial Board of Directors, please complete our Pre Interview application below.



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