Breathing Space

One of The Lung Associations significant priorities is to build a facility that would address the need to help lung transplant patients and their families. Breathing Space, a Lung Health and Recovery House speaks to the sense of optimism and reassurance the facility will provide for patients and their families. It describes a place where patients can literally “catch their breath,” and focus on healing without the financial burden and worries that can often hamper the transplant recovery process.

Edmonton is one of four centers in Canada that perform a lung transplant surgery – the most arduous of surgical procedures and the only cure for lung disease.
The lung transplant program in Edmonton services folks from Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Territories, northern BC and even into the North West U.S and other parts of Canada. A candidate and caregiver must be prepared, at a moment’s notice, to leave their home and job to live near the hospital for a minimum of three months and up to one year.

The University of Alberta has been performing a record number of transplants in the past few years, these numbers are increasing annually, over 60% of these patients live outside of Edmonton.

This facility would be the first ever lung health and recovery house of its kind in Canada. While not a medical facility, it would be designed to meet the unique health, mental and emotional needs of lung transplant patients, their families and caregivers. Besides providing a residence for patients and their caregivers, it will provide education and support for many more individuals and families who are dealing with lung health issues.

The centre will enable The Lung Association to provide hands-on service, connection, and support to our most important audience – our patients. 

The fundraising, building, and operations of the facility will help significantly increase public awareness and attention on lung health and lung disease, and will support community engagement and interaction with tours, events and activities conducted inside the facility.

Our vision for this facility is approx. 20,000 sq. ft. over a two storeys. With 10-12 comfortable suites, each with a television, phone, desk and private ensuite. Guests have access to an elevator, laundry facilities, a fitness room as well as a garden patio. The heart of the house is the huge, state-of-the-art kitchen, where folks gather to cook meals, socialize, and share their experiences. A comfortable quiet room is important for reflection and support. A shuttle will take patients and caregivers to and from appointments at the hospital. Allowing guests to focus on what’s important, their recovery and a second chance at life.

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Page Last Updated: 30/10/2018