Breathe Smart! Education Program

Since 2015, the Lung Association, AB & NWT staff and volunteers have met with over 6000 students, providing the Breathe Smart! education program to schools and classrooms across the province. One of the Lung Association’s goals is to educate and empower youth, the Breathe Smart! program targets Junior and Senior High school students. We hope through education of youth and the general public on the top issues facing people with lung disease like COPD and Asthma, to remove some of the stigma and isolation people with these issues can face. We also talk about what these diseases are and what causes them, key things to avoid like scents in the work place or at home, poor air quality (indoor and outdoor) and what some solutions are. We discuss how youth can focus on protecting their lungs and talk about some of the myths and repercussions of vaping and tobacco and the importance of exercising our lungs by playing hard. We also get to see lungs in action and learn how to support others with Asthma and other forms of lung disease.

Breathe Smart! is funded by donors who believe that the future of our clean air is in the hands of today's youth. To support the Breathe Smart! education program and other programs like it, donate today.

To inquire about having the Breathe Smart! program in your school or classroom contact us!

Grade 8 School Presentation



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