Radon Screening Program Survey

Please answer the following questions regarding your recent experience with the Radon Screening Program.
1. How would you rate your overall experience with the Radon Screening Program? *
2. How did you hear about the Radon Screening Program? check all that apply
3. Why did you decide to conduct radon screening in your home? check all that apply
4. Did you talk about radon with your friends/family? *
5. On which level was the device placed?
6. In which room was the radon detector placed?
7. What type of residence do you live in?
8. When was your residence built? *
9. Does anyone in your residence smoke? *
11. Did you look elsewhere for more information regarding radon? *
-- If yes, where did you look for more information? check all that apply
12. Do you plan on following up with a long-term radon test after you return the digital detector to the library? *
13. If after a long-term test your radon levels are above 200 Bq/m3 will you take action to reduce radon in your home? *
14. What do you identify as: *
15. Age: *

Page Last Updated: 09/10/2019