Lung Champions

Whether you are a donor, a volunteer or a board member, all of our valuable supporters are Lung Champions, without whom we would not be able to help folks breathe easier! All of our Lung Champions are special, but special recognition should be given to those who have supported us for a long time.

We want to say a special thank you to those who have been helping folks in Alberta and NWT breathe easier for over 25 years!

Arlene and Kenneth Graves 

Barbara Ruesgen

Barbara Mathewson

Barrie Renwick

Bernard and Gladys Scheidl:

Gladys contracted Tuberculosis in 1982 while working at a nursing home, unfortunately the person she contracted it from did not survive. Gladys spent 3 weeks in treatment in the hospital and happily recovered. Thanks Gladys and Bernard!

Bruce Hill:

Bruce was the education coordinator for The Lung Association many years ago. He fondly remembers travelling back and forth between Calgary and Edmonton to provide educational seminars to people about not smoking and promoting lung health. Thanks for your help educating folks about healthy breathing Bruce!

Carl and Theresa Wettlaufer:

One of the few causes they feel worthy.

Charles Weeks

D. Charteris

Don Strang

Dorothy Anderson

E. Samis

E. Semchishen

Edith Clarke

Eloise Ames:

Eloise and her family have a long history supporting lung health; Eloise's Mother worked at a sanitorium that was built in 1906, and her family has had a strong tradition of donating to the Christmas Seals program.

G. Gehlert

Gwen McPhee

Inez Gordon:

Inez has been donating for over 40 years as lung health has affected her family and she finds that the Lung Association has a great impact.

J.C Kenyon

J. Lee

J. Muirhead

Jeannette Chandler

John Dueck

Marlene and Joseph Korzeniowski

Joyce Kyle

Julie Hamilton


Linda and Keith Sorsdahl

Lois Riske:

Lois is a long time donor and values the tradition of using the Christmas Seals that her mother began when she was very young.

Margaret Hall:

Margaret carries on donating and using Christmas Seals as a tradition and tribute to her Mother, who gave and used the seals for many years. Margaret has a scrap book of Christmas seals dating back to the 1940's!

Marian Dietz

Mary Adams

Mary Morgan:

Both Mary and her sister were diagnosed with asthma, her sister passed becuase of it, Mary cares deeply about encouraging old and young to lead healthy respiratory lifestyles.

Mary Nowik

Mary Stratton

Natalie Lewandowski

Olive Frenette:

Olive began giving after her husband started having breathing trouble many years ago, he was ultimately diagnosed with COPD. Art unfortunately passed away at 74 years but Olive says that the Lung Association is still her favourite charity and it is very special to her. 

P and P Sturges:

The Sturges family began donating because of all of the awareness and research that the Lung Association supports.

Pearl Day

Richard and Irene Withell

Royle Harris:

Royle began donating after his Mom was diagnosed and treated for tuberculosis when he was a young child, despite being left with one lung, she survived for many years.

Stanley and Jean Bargholz

Valerie Murray

These are just a few of the many, many folks that support us, if you have a story to tell or would like to be profiled here, please contact, all names posted with the donors permission.

Page Last Updated: 16/08/2017