The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT is dedicated to the care and support of all Albertans and residents in the Northwest Territories in the areas of lung disease and lung health.

Through the help of its generous supporters, The Lung Association strives to improve lives and health for Albertans and residents in the Northwest Territories who are suffering from lung disease by ensuring that necessary patient care programs are available to them.

The Lung Association supports numerous programs through contributions such as funding, information, guidance, and exposure. From prevention and diagnosis, through to treatment, disease management and even transplant, we work to help people understand the process, navigate the health care system and strive for better health.

Transplant Support

Having a lung transplant can be overwhelming process for patients and their families.  The Lung Association has compiled a Lung Transplant Handbook to answer some of the many questions you may have. 

Page Last Updated: 09/03/2016