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Iron Lung award




Mayor Greg Krischke and Deputy Mayor for the month of May, Ald. Glen Finstad

receive award from TLA Board Chair, Anne Marie Downey


The Lung Association, Alberta & Northwest Territories presented the Iron Lung Award to the City of Leduc for community education to protect minors from the negative effects of smoking in vehicles.


(Leduc, Alberta  -  May 24, 2011) Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable disease and disability in Alberta, not only lethal for the person choosing to smoke but also for those around them.  Second-hand smoke is a major preventable health risk for all Albertans, especially children.  Children need protection from exposure due to circumstance, not choice.  The Lung Association, Alberta & NWT honored the City of Leduc for its leadership in community education to protect minors from the negative effects of smoking in vehicles.


“The Iron Lung Award recognizes The City of Leduc for their dedication to innovative, creative and engaging community education about the negative effects of smoking in vehicles and the importance of their new Smoke-Free Vehicles with Minors bylaw ” stated Anne Marie Downey, Chair of the Lung Association’s Board of Directors.  “The Iron Lung Award is a symbol of support, strength and endurance.  It honours those who care about lungs, recognizing significant ideas and projects that demonstrate innovation, creativity and leadership toward helping the citizens of Alberta and the Northwest Territories have healthier lungs  . . . today and in the future.”


“This is a provincial issue and we’re sending a clear message to the province,” says Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke.  “We hope by showing this level of leadership within the province, the Alberta government will act and afford all of Alberta’s children the same level of protection.”


Even if you don't smoke around your children, smoke can still cling to the inside of your car, your hair, clothing and furniture.  Cars are poorly ventilated, confined spaces where tobacco smoke is more concentrated. Smoking creates a distraction for the driver, from handling and lighting the cigarette to carbon monoxide impairment of response time and smokers may be more at risk for accidents than non-smokers. 


Support for similar legislation is growing, as a recent survey by the Alberta Policy Coalition for Cancer Prevention revealed that 89% of Albertans agree that smoking should be prohibited in cars transporting children and youth under the age of 18.  The City of Leduc is the second Alberta municipality to implement a municipal bylaw prohibiting smoking in a vehicle where children are present and the first to expand the legislation to include all minors, consistent with all Alberta tobacco related legislation.


The City of Leduc is truly leading the way in community education about this very important issue, helping to ensure healthy lungs and clean air so we can all breathe easier.


Previous Iron Lung Award Winner



The Town of Okotoks received first the Iron Lung Award May 9, 2011

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